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There once was a band named The Busks
Who wrote all their music at dusk
By daybreak they'd have the perfect take
And mix 'till the hour was six 
The band consisted of two young lads
Dylan & Jacob, who thought music was fab
They worked and slaved hoping one day
The end would bring a glorious thing This was hard on the musical duo
Who balanced their music and school
The Busks grew weary of being only two
So they hired a young man, Wesley, who knew drum voodoo They love to play rock from an era, forgot
The mop tops, sixties, is the style they sought
Combined with this is a musical mist
With modern influence saying "Let's try this." Together they strive to be the best The industry, however, proves quite a test
They hope to one day be swarmed with fame
And become a beast that is impossible to tame

“I like their sound. It’s kind of this throwback, awesome sound.”

       —Wells Adams, Lightning 100 DJ


"There’s no denying the frustration when a well-crafted album slips past my radar, leaving myself wondering, “Where was I when this was released?” yet it’s all too liberating when I cross its path. That was the case with The Busks’ Spare Change LP, released last October, which had me pondering how a relatively new band packed this much talent—22 tracks, to be exact—into its debut release."

       —Dylan Skye Aycock, Murfreesboro Pulse

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Throwback Rock, Pop, Folk

Sounds Like

The Beatles, The Kinks, The Black Keys, Simon and Garfunkel


Spare Change - 12.21.14


1. Let Me Be Free

2. Break My Heart

3. I’ll Be Your Man

4. Chloe

5. Ugly Girlfriend

6. Life Comes and Goes

7. The Greatest Thing

8. I Wish You Could Tell Me Something

9. Sail the Sea

10. ’Till We’re Through

11.Some Say

12. Cloud My Mind

13. That’s All We Need

14. Daisy

15. Last Decree

16. If I Fall Apart

17. If I’d Told You That I Loved You…

18. Deep Peace


20. What Can I Do?

21. I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone


Nychthemeron - 7.24.15



2. Je T’aime Beacoup

3. Half The Time

4. A Sunny Breeze

5. I Should Forget Her (Stay With You -- So Tired of You)

6. I’m Dazed

7. Yesterday, Today

8. Caveman

9. I Know Where Mine Lies

10. Hey Kid!

11. All I’ve Got

12. Oh, Sun

13. Dormir Soirée

14. Can’t Have Love

15. A Fire In The Water

16. I Cannot Say

17. Speak To Me

18. Am I Really In Love?

19. Don’t Ask For My Love Anymore

20. What Good Is Art?

21. Work For Me

22. I’m All Alone (In My Mind)

23. Twisted Up (Oh Yeah)


Jacob Miller