There once was a band named The Busks

Who wrote all their music at dusk

By daybreak they'd have the perfect take

And mix 'till the hour was six

The band consisted of two young lads

Dylan & Jacob, who thought music was fab

They worked and slaved hoping one day

The end would bring a glorious thing


This was hard on the musical duo

Who balanced their music and school

The Busks grew weary of being only two

So they hired a young man, Wesley, who knew drum voodoo


They love to play rock from an era, forgot

The mop tops, sixties, is the style they sought

Combined with this is a musical mist

With modern influence saying "Let's try this."


Together they strive to be the best

The industry, however, proves quite a test

They hope to one day be swarmed with fame

And become a beast that is impossible to tame